Curtain fabric performance requirements?

2021-11-17 15:53:06 Haining Surtex Textile Technology Co.,Ltd Viewd 701

First, the fabrics used in curtains should meet the national standard and high-quality indicators of the corresponding products.

Second, meet the fire protection standard: GB/T5455-1997

Third, the fire rating should reach M1 and B1 in the GB/T5455-1977 standard.

Fourth, the content of harmful substances in fabrics must comply with GB1840-2003 National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products.

Fifth, the environmental protection standards should comply with the GB50325-2001 specification, and the content of chemical components in the fabric shall not exceed the relevant national standards and specifications.

Sixth, curtain fabrics should be guaranteed to be wrinkle-free and non-fading, and the color fastness to sunlight should reach 5-6 grades, good drape, and no peculiar smell.

Seventh, the process requirements for curtain fabrics mainly include: anti-greasy, dirt-resistant, easy to clean, not easy to hide dirt, anti-deformation, and anti-static.

Eighth, for the requirements of formaldehyde content, the national standard E1 emission standard should be strictly implemented.