What are the curtain fabrics?

2021-11-17 15:53:06 Haining Surtex Textile Technology Co.,Ltd Viewd 645

1. Printed fabric

The calico is directly printed with rich colors and patterns on the plain fabric by transfer, garden net, etc. This kind of calico has very gorgeous colors, and the patterns are rich and delicate, and the decoration is very good.

2. Yarn-dyed fabric

The yarn-dyed fabric is made according to a specific pattern. The gauze is dyed separately, and after dyeing layer by layer, it will interweave to form a gorgeous color pattern. The yarn-dyed fabric has strong color fastness, bright lines and strong three-dimensional effect.

3. Jacquard printed fabric

The jacquard printed fabric is made by combining the two processes of jacquard and printing. It is very strong and durable, and has a thick texture and good shading effect. It is suitable for bedroom use.

4. Dyeing fabric

Basically, there is only a single color on the dyed cloth. Nowadays, most ordinary curtains are made by this process, which has a simple, elegant and natural performance.